5 Revealing Research Facts About Introducing Change

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5 Revealing Research Facts About Introducing Change

Got changes planned for 2019?

Prosci research offers some great insights into what you should consider when introducing change.

  1. Most resistant groups – Participants in the study, identified the groups/levels from within their organisation as to where the most resistance came from in relation to the change initiative. Middle Managers were identified as most resistant group by 43% of the participants, followed by Senior Managers at 16% and Executives and Directors at 11%.
  2. 39 % of resistance occurs at the Implementations stage of your project. So, it’s important not to get complacent.  Resistance can always be there.
  3. 67 % of people wish to hear personal impact about the change directly from their supervisor. That’s why blanket emails from the CEO don’t work. Supervisors and Managers are so important to help with raising awareness and supporting their people through change.
  4. 50% of resistance to the change can be anticipated. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to utilise a change team to hear from them where resistance might come from and deal with it before it occurs. ‘Cut it off at the pass!’
  5. 72% of research respondents say that by having an extremely effective Sponsor, they met or exceeded project objectives. Sponsors are so vital in the change process and by leading the way they definitely can help or hinder the success of the change.

There is a tendency when so much is changing in your workplace, to just get in and get it sorted! This research data is just a sample of the work Prosci has done, which then in turn drives the methodology we as change practitioners utilise, to gain success when introducing change.

A quick approach is not always the best approach. Taking the time to plan, identify the risks and prepare your Sponsors to assist in the process will definitely help you reduce stress, prevent re-work and eventually…. you will see change!

We wish to acknowledge Prosci – Best Practices in Change Management – Prosci Benchmarking report – 2018 edition for their research


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