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Applying for a Job

In the competitive job market we are currently experiencing, there are some ‘tricks of the trade’ that can help you ‘stand out from the crowd.’

For your written application here are 5 simple steps to follow that I believe will really help you to be selected for an interview – the vital first step.

Within the selection criteria, employers often state that they are looking for ‘demonstrated ability’ in a particular skill. It is important you don’t just tell them you can do this skill.

You need to do more than that:

  1. Briefly explain your skills and experience – make sure you also include relevant qualifications.
    DON’T STOP HERE!!! Many people do and when you don’t go any further than this you will look just like all the other applicants and you definitely don’t want that to happen – you want to ‘stand out from the crowd
  2. Select an example which demonstrates your ability – don’t just write down the number of years you have been doing something. You need to explain the context of the situation that shows you can perform this skill well, for example, the work environment, any pressures you were facing and the context
  3. Describe what you did – explain how you handled the situation with a particular focus on explaining how you used the skills you say you have
  4. Describe the outcome /result – this helps to make a link between what you did and the skills you utilised. Even if the outcome wasn’t perfect, share what happened in an honest way, but avoid being too critical of how it went (you don’t want it to come across as a weakness)
  5. Describe what you learnt from the experience – even if it wasn’t a great result you can always learn something. By demonstrating you can learn from experiences shows the selector that you are not only honest, but you have the ability to make mistakes, admit them and then plan to ensure that they don’t happen again. This ability in itself makes a person appear very ‘employable.’

People who follow this recipe get our vote every time we are selecting staff and because of this we always offer them an interview.

You could also use the same 5 steps when answering interview questions.

In summary, the ability to answer selection criteria in this way demonstrates a few things about you as the candidate:

  • You have a belief in your own ability
  • You have an ability to show how you can apply particular skills – you show that you can do what you say you can do
  • You understand the difference your input makes to an outcome
  • You have confidence to share personal insight and learning – anyone who can demonstrate that they can learn from any situation is a valuable person to have on your team

Try these steps and we guarantee you will ‘stand out from the crowd!’  And maybe you will even get that interview!!


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