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Dare to Lead. A Great Read

Looking for a good book on leadership?  Dare to Lead is a must read by Brene Brown.  We like the book because it explores the fundamental part our leadership – ourselves as leaders. Our mindset, our confidence, our vulnerability and our courage.

Brown presents a guide to leadership based on seven years of research, study and interview data from 150 leaders on the future of leadership.  One of the findings from the interviews with Senior leaders is “We need braver leaders and more courageous cultures.”

The book shares the ten behaviours and cultural issues that leaders identified as getting in our way in organisations.  Examples of some of these ten behaviours are:

  • Too much shame and blame, not enough accountability
  • Perfectionism and fear are keeping people from learning and growing
  • When something goes wrong, individuals and teams are rushing into ineffective or unsustainable solutions, rather than staying with problem identification and solving. Fixing the wrong things for the wrong reason, the same problems continue to surface.  That is costly and demoralizing
  • Diminishing trust caused by lack of connection and empathy

What makes this book so practical is that once these ten problem areas were identified, Brown in her research has identified the specific courage-building skill sets people need to address these problems.  These skill sets have been tested, improved and tested again as part of her research.  The book explains ‘how’ to be courageous through the four skill sets that can be taught, observed and measured.

Dare to Lead is a must read for those who wish to step up, be brave and lead.

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