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New Individual Coaching Service

We are excited to announce our new Leadership Coaching service.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you have challenges in your leadership role?
  • Would you like a sounding board to share your challenges and to design a plan of attack to improve things?
  • Are you interested in ‘one on one’ style professional development to assist you in your leadership journey?
  • Do you sometimes find that attending leadership courses and training programs is a bit ‘hit and miss’ and you don’t get down to solving the real challenges you have?

If you answered YES to these questions we have a program that may interest you!

SeeChange is now offering Leadership Coaching to individuals. The program will be beneficial for anyone holding a leadership position – supervisors, managers, executives, CEO’s and business owners.

Purpose of the Coaching program

The purpose of the Coaching Program is to:

  1. Provide you with one on one tailored Professional Development using an Action learning approach
  2. Build your leadership skills by working on real world projects/scenarios – ‘learn by doing’
  3. Develop action plans for where you are motivated to create change, by starting ‘where you are at’

Benefits for you

Working with a SeeChange Coach you will gain:

  1. One on one time to narrow down specific areas you require help with which will save time and help you progress your projects
  2. Specialist injection of skills, processes, tools and thinking from SeeChange to develop a plan of attack and enhance your impact as a leader
  3. Insights, ideas and feedback from SeeChange that challenge your thinking, and then together through this personalised approach we will develop a plan for you to apply back at work
  4. Time to step out of the daily grind, catch your breath, and receive insight from another party that will allow you to gain perspective and to develop a well thought through plan

How does the program work?

Using Skype technology, either Tracy or Maria will be your coach. We will run the sessions from wherever you feel comfortable – your desk, your favourite chair or the beach if you are so inclined!

As we will take an Action Learning approach, we will start where you are at and in the areas you are motivated to explore.

Together with you, we will reflect, learn and make plans for actions before your next session. In true SeeChange style we will support you, question you, challenge and provide you with tools, models and processes to make practical plans that you can apply straight away.

The program has 5 different sessions – a fortnight or month apart – that’s up to you.

The first session is 1.5 hours – just to get us started, establish our Coaching program goals and how we will work together, then we will get into your first session. Each session after that will be one hour.


The investment in your Leadership journey for the total 5.5 hours of development and coaching time is $1800 + GST.

We believe this a great way to help leaders learn, grow and make change happen in their teams. Like to chat more? Give us a call on 07 3902 1002.

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