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SeeChange Turns 18

It is a very, very special time for SeeChange. On the 14th February we celebrated our 18th birthday – a wonderful journey we are both very grateful for.

Many people, when they reach a special milestone such as this, say they ‘wouldn’t change a thing’.

Well (due to the fact we are into change!) we have willingly changed so many things. We have grown as a business, we have learnt lessons along the way, we have gained so much experience and we now do things very differently to when we first started in 2001.

What has remained constant though is our love for what we do.

What gives us the greatest pleasure is seeing people we work with do amazing things, reaching their potential and achieving results. And when you string those individuals who are doing amazing things together, the business in turn experiences amazing results as well!

We are also so fortunate to continually meet wonderful, passionate people and it’s a pleasure to work alongside them in the development of their projects. We learn and gain so much ourselves when working with others.

The variety of businesses we work with exposes us to a diverse range of thinking, and we love that the travel we do, to all sorts of great places, is a big part of our weekly routine – we enjoy that part immensely.

And as you can imagine, we have lots of fun together and we keep each other smiling (most of the time!) – even during the tough times because we are fortunate not just to be business partners but also best friends.

A big thank you also to our SeeChange team members, both past and present, for the role you have all played in the success of SeeChange.  We hope to enjoy the next part of the journey as much as we have enjoyed this part! Here’s a few photos that capture our 18 years.


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