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Small Business Foundations for Growth Program

SeeChange has developed a small affordable program specifically tailored for small businesses to help them to create change in the way they do business so they can grow successfully.

This program has come about from working with small business owners and seeing their common concerns:

  • Business owners working longer and longer hours meaning time away from family
  • Conflict amongst business owners/leaders about where they they should be focussing their time, energy and money
  • A lack of a shared direction and long-term strategy for the business
  • Information, thoughts and projects kept in the heads of each of the business owners and these not being shared or aligned
  • Reactive decisions and poor problem solving that ends up wasting time and money and creates re‑work
  • And due to all of the above, staff are not engaged as well as they could be. They are unclear about the business direction and purpose which negatively impacts on their motivation, initiative and, in some cases, on their customers

We have experienced many times businesses that grow quickly initially and then because they haven’t got a solid foundation, they flounder. Without a shared, solid foundation growth is not sustainable in the longer term.

Spending four days together with SeeChange Consulting can change all that.

By spending one day a month over 4 months you will have the opportunity to begin the journey of gaining clarity and focussing the energy and efforts of the business leaders/owners to create successful growth.

The Small Business Foundations for Growth Program focusses on helping business owners/leaders to:

  • clarify what the business is really about (Purpose and Values) which aids business decision making, staff engagement and customer interaction
  • develop a shared direction for the business – creating clarity, alignment and consistency which will lead to greater likelihood of success for the business
  • clarify key priorities and projects that need to be implemented to reach the business’ goals
  • engage staff with what the business is really about, sharing the standards that must be met and the customer service that is required, which all results in more motivated staff who are an asset to the business

Watch this short video case study of Seilers Livestock Transport based in Kingaroy and hear about the results they have gained as a result of working on their foundation – it has changed not only their business, but their lives as well.

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