Spring has Sprung – time for a team Health Check?

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Spring has Sprung – time for a team Health Check?

Nothing like a change of season to ‘check in’ and review your team’s performance.

Have you considered a Health Check for your team?

What we find in the ‘busyness’ of our projects and the daily grind, teams are falling into the trap of not stopping, reflecting, calling the issues and resolving these issues.  There doesn’t even have to be obvious issue. Maintenance of the team just doesn’t seem to be a priority.

We soldier on and issues tend to become bigger and bigger. You know things aren’t quite right and this dynamic is impacting on the potential of the team and your outcomes.

Are you seeing any of these symptoms in your team:

  • You are all very busy
  • Meetings are getting postponed as team members feel they just need to ‘get on with it’
  • Communication is dropping and there has been confusion and lack of information sharing amongst the team
  • You are ‘re-working’ issues
  • You are diving into action and/or being reactive
  • The team isn’t planning well
  • The team isn’t making collective decisions with good thinking processes
  • Relationships are struggling and there may even be some conflict

If you answered yes to any of these it might be time to have a Health Check!

Key Questions for your Health Check include:

  • What’s going well?
  • What’s not going well?
  • What are our key reasons for success?
  • What are our key issues and why are we having them?
  • What should we stop doing and start doing in the future?

Need some help?

SeeChange has a small program called our Health Check program.  The program involves some one on one interviews with each of your team and then a few weeks later, a one day workshop.

Our Health Check Program is a little like going to the doctor.  We assist your team by evaluating key team functions and then we work with your team to develop the diagnosis of your team’s health.  The most important part, like going to the doctor, is we then work with you to develop the treatment plan to create change.

Please contact me if you’d like to chat about how this program can get your team back on track and/or maintain the great work you are doing.  Phone 07 3902 1002 or email me at tracy@seechangeconsulting.com.au.

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