5 Reasons Teams have the Problems they do

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5 Reasons Teams have the Problems they do

The 5 Dysfunctions of a team. We are big fans of this model by Patrick Lencioni. We believe it is a simple explanation of why many teams have the problems they do. We see these behaviours often and work with positive leaders to improve these areas.

You can click through here to Patrick’s website and click Download Pdf to see the 5 Dysfunctions and the great part is the actions that you as the Leader need to do down the left hand side to avoid a dysfunctional team.

The point of the model is not starting at the tip of the triangle in the areas of achieving results.

Start at the base of the triangle – the foundation. Start with trust.

Leaders it’s your job to start at the bottom with building trust in the team. Once you have trust, you can move up the triangle to having appropriate conflict, and then onto commitment to decisions and actions, then keeping each other accountable which will result in achieving collective team results!

So here’s the tip. First things first. The best way to start building trust is to be vulnerable with others. You go first. Lead the way.

Be open with your team with how you’re feeling and the challenges you are facing. However, do be appropriate with what you share!

And by your actions, sit back and watch the rest of the team start to follow your lead.

If you need a hand with how to approach this with your team, please send us an email. Happy to chat to you – no obligation. We just like to help to get you on your way!