8 Signs your team needs a tune up

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8 Signs your team needs a tune up

As we draw closer to the end of 2019, there is no better time to think about 2019 than now.

Do you want to hit the ground running in 2020?

From our experience, many people wait until after the Christmas break, Australia Day, and therefore most of January and even half of February before they get going for the New Year.

Sometimes we notice that people let Easter and Anzac Day even happen before they ‘hit their straps’ and then before you know it we are at the end of April. And that means four months of the year have gone by with no concrete plans for creating change and improvements in the actual year which is one-third gone by then!!

We realise that good things take time in relation to creating projects and plans.

However, you can have all the strategic/corporate/business, and operational plans in the world but if the team is ‘not fit to play,’ you are going to struggle with the game in 2019.

So, what can you do whilst thinking about the plans for next year?

You can focus on the ‘players’ in your team. Right now it is a great time to take stock, reflect and analyse how well your team is performing so you can ‘get them fit’ before the new year takes off.

  • How well are you performing as individuals/as a team?
  • What do we need to keep/stop/start doing so we can ‘hit the ground running’ in 2019?
  • Are you at your best?
  • Have you fractured?
  • Are you game ready?

Here are some symptoms that tell you that stopping and taking stock will be very beneficial:

  1. You can sense tension and see conflict – people are tired at this time of year, so stress levels rise and the fuse is shorter than usual
  2. Decisions are being rushed and not well thought through with some less than satisfactory results, or the team is hesitating and won’t make decisions for fear of getting things wrong
  3. Team members are reactive – either they are not following plans or there never was a plan
  4. Meetings are being cancelled or people aren’t turning up because everyone says they are so busy
  5. Post meeting actions aren’t being completed and no one is speaking about it so people are not being held accountable and things just aren’t getting done
  6. People are rushing around keeping busy trying to get everything done before this one major day of the year – 25 December and no one is asking ‘what is the sense of urgency to get that done now?’
  7. There is lack of communication and confusion
  8. There is a little apathy creeping in. You have heard the phrase, ‘Let’s just leave that until Christmas is over and we aren’t so busy.’ Really? I often wonder when that time will ever come – no one ever seems not to be busy!

If you have answered yes to seeing at least 3 of these symptoms, your team is not as effective as it could be which means your output, relationships and general team happiness will be suffering.

Getting teams ready to play the game is our passion at SeeChange. Give us a call on 07 3902 1002 and we can explain our Health Check Program. It’s a practical short program that will help re- focus you and your team for 2020.


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