A success story in leading change

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A success story in leading change

Are you leading a change project in your business?

Are you looking for the key ingredient to ‘make it happen?’

This may not sound like news to you, but to be successful, you need all your leaders on board. This means all those in supervisory positions who lead a team impacted by the change.

Even though that may not be news to you, I see very few businesses do this vital step well. Some don’t pay attention to it at all!

It will make your life so much easier to engage all your leaders first.

Take the time to explain the changes to them and uncover any resistance they may have. Consult them and really listen to them.

Once you have done this first step, you then need to explain their role in leading the change to their teams. Ask them to be your ‘eyes and ears’ across the business as you can’t do it all on our own. They need to actively support the change by ‘talking it up’ not ‘talking it down.’ They also need to:

  • explain what the change is
  • why it is needed and
  • the benefits of the change – for the business, for them as team members and for your customers.

One of the major parts of every leader’s role is to look for and talk through any resistance from each of the individuals that they lead. They need to listen to their people and address their concerns.

And they shouldn’t just do this once – they need to do it often!

The key to successful change is leading your people to choose to change. Forcing them just does not work.

Brisbane business leads the way

BEC Feeds Solutions are a leader in premix, feed ingredients and stock feed commodities in Australia, with offices also in New Zealand and Indonesia. They have been on a steep change trajectory for the past three years. SeeChange initially worked with the Executive Team to develop their strategic thinking which became a powerful team experience.

The second vital step in achieving the new strategic direction has been a program with the Executives and Middle Managers of the business. This program is helping all levels of leadership to understand and engage in the new direction – the strategic changes in the business. It’s also about providing all of them with the skills to lead change and be actively involved within project teams to ensure the key strategic projects are effectively executed. They are making change happen.

Strategy just doesn’t execute itself. 

Active engagement by all these levels of leadership is the key to the success that BEC Feed Solutions is experiencing. It’s about an investment in their people to ensure that they drive change so the business hits the desired targets.

‘SeeChange are getting our people ready for change. They are more open and tolerant of each other and they think differently. Our managers and supervisors are not just the recipients of change. They have chosen to come on the journey with us and are now a big part of making change happen in our business.

And that’s made a big difference to me. I am not alone on this journey and I’m not dragging people along with me. It is a huge relief. We are seeing the fruits of our labour – change is happening. 

Thank you, Tracy and Maria. You have a special skill and uncanny ability to get the best out of everyone.’

 Brett Antonio, CEO, BEC Feed Solutions