Are you an engaging leader?

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Are you an engaging leader?

Are you executing your strategy? Are you having some challenges getting your team to engage and deliver?

Over the last 18 years of working with our SeeChange clients, I have watched many leaders struggle with this challenge. You are not alone!

Often leaders want to know ‘how’ to engage their team and help them deliver. If that is you, I’ve got some ideas that might help you. It’s all connected to you how you are leading. Your leadership style.

Firstly, how often have you seen business strategy sit on the shelf? 

Developing the strategy is only half the job done. The second important step and key to success is execution – making the plan happen.

So as a Leader, how do you achieve execution of your plans and strategy?

Execution means delivering. It means getting things done. It means progression on your targets. It means kicking the intended goals.

The best way to execute is to engage your team.

And how do you engage your team?

You build desire 

When we desire something as individuals, we make a choice to get involved and therefore decide to ‘get on board.’ Once we are on board, we will do what it takes to make it happen.

As a leader it is your job to light the ‘fire in the belly’ in each of your team. 

Here are a few ways you do this for your team:

  • Help them understand the strategy and targets
  • Help the team understand their role in achieving the plan and why it matters
  • Ask for and listen to their ideas
  • Encourage the team to learn from mistakes
  • Support them, consult them, ask for their help and correct any misunderstandings
  • Involve the team in solving the problems you face – together
  • Be an advocate of continuous improvement
  • Celebrate the wins along the way

What you don’t do is micromanage and tell people what to do in a direct and impersonal manner. Don’t be a stranger to your team, don’t be too busy to regularly check in with your team and don’t play the blame game when things don’t go to plan. And don’t just leave them to it and expect things will get done.

As the leader you need to manage your time, your workload, your stress and your balance. How you are leading may not be helping. But remember, you have a choice of how you lead.

You can push and pull your team along which creates resistance and frustration, or you can engage, ‘light the fire’ and the desire in people so they choose to come willingly on the journey to success.

Which of the two leadership styles do you think your team will choose to follow?

If you’d like to reflect with your team on how you are performing together, we have our Team Time Out Checklist which we are happy to share with you. Just drop me an email.

It may involve changing your approach, but that’s what we do here at SeeChange.

We help you Make Change Happen.