Are you helping your middle managers grow?

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Are you helping your middle managers grow?

Are you helping your middle managers grow? Are you leading change in your organisation right now? Your middle managers will be a HUGE contributor to the success of that change.

Last week we worked with two different clients and their middle managers building their skills and clarifying their role in leading change. There’s two parts to how we help these middle managers.

Building their change skills and using tools is important. But what’s really important is exploring their self-awareness and the mindset of being a change leader.

It’s all about helping them build their confidence so they believe in themselves. And when they believe they have influence and a role to play in the change process, life becomes so much easier for everyone!!

Our workshops were really inspiring as these middle managers were enthusiastic learners and grabbed the opportunity to learn and grow.

It’s a pleasure to watch them thrive!

Our message to senior leaders is you can’t expect to be successful in introducing major change into your organisation without the support of your middle managers. So it’s VITAL that you support them by helping them learn and grow as change leaders.

As a CEO or senior leader, would your middle managers thank you for helping them grow?


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