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Are you leading a Chosen change right now?

Change creates emotional reactions, particularly when you are all experiencing the different emotions of Chosen change, while others are going through Unchosen change emotions.

Today we are going to focus on Chosen change. Examples might be, the introduction of new technology, restructuring or new processes, or new ways of working.

There are 5 stages we move through in Chosen change, based on the work of Elizabeth Kubler Ross. These stages create emotions that drive our behaviour. Remember, just because you have chosen the change, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy!

Here are the 5 stages:

Relief – I’m relieved I have decided to change!

Exploration – How am I going to make this change happen?

Reaction – This change is hard! Should I keep going?

Acceptance – I now see what it’s going to take to make this change happen.

Resolution – I’ve got this! I have plan for the way forward.

It’s not a linear process – we can come backwards and forward in the 5 stages. Change is not easy to make happen. But understanding our emotions and behaviours as a Leader will definitely help you through the change and it will definitely help your team.

Here’s a video of Tracy talking about the 5 stages

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