Are you Navigating your New Normal?

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Are you Navigating your New Normal?

Last week Power Tynan did exactly that by completing our Navigating the New Normal program.  Well done team PT!

The 3 half day workshops were run remotely, which is a big change for us here at SeeChange!  We thoroughly enjoyed the journey with this enthusiastic team and we applaud them for taking the time to ‘slow down to speed up.’ 

Here is what CEO Amanda Kenafake has to say about the impact of the program:

“Our entire team of 60 staff completed the Navigating the New Normal Program and it was all done remotely via Zoom.

 This program assisted us to ensure we think of not only of our business, but also our clients and their businesses. We are all facing challenges and we had the opportunity to find solutions for moving forward to navigate our new normal as the world continues to change.

 The program also gave us the structure that we need to ensure longevity in our internal processes/structure and how to gain the engagement from our entire team in this.  It’s ‘hands on’ and practical and gave us the thinking tools to utilise within our team, with our clients and in our personal lives.  A valuable experience for us all.”

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