Are you seeing signs of fatigue in your team?

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Are you seeing signs of fatigue in your team?

Would you like to help them by lifting some of the burden of worry that’s consuming them? As a leader you may think you need to fix everything – believe me when I say you won’t be able to do this because it’s not possible!

So what can you do to help your team deal with the overwhelming fatigue we’re seeing?

Here’s a tip to help you and your team to break free from the overwhelm they may feel right now and that is leading to the fatigue we’re seeing when working with our clients and listening to many others.

Clear the decks of all those unimportant tasks that are cluttering your ‘to do’ lists and inboxes.

Share this simple 4 box grid with your team.  Ask them to place their current tasks, work and activities in one of these 4 quadrants. Then ask your team to ‘free’ themselves from anything that falls ‘below the line’ of importance. Clear the decks of the clutter that is holding us all back and creating a fog of fatigue and overwhelm.

This is about refocussing on priorities and helping your team determine if where they are spending their time is helping them be effective and efficient in achieving those priorities.

Would your team benefit from the freedom this 4box grid could give them?

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