Are you seeing these challenges?

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Are you seeing these challenges?

We are at a pivotal point of the year.

Covid continues to force unchosen change on us. We’ve got 6 months of change behind us and many more challenges ahead of us. It’s time to tackle these challenges head on, because we see that dealing with the uncertainty and challenges of Covid is now just becoming part of what we do.

Here’s a recent conversation Tracy had with our Coach Elise Finn about the current leadership challenges we’re seeing emerge for our clients. Interestingly, from the other side of the world, Elise is seeing similar challenges to us with her clients.

COMMUNICATION IS STRUGGLING – Regular communication has become harder as teams continue to get used to working remotely and being isolated from each other

FATIGUE – Leaders and teams are tired. They are not only dealing with trying to get on with some sort of ‘Business as Usual’ but also adjusting to new ways of working together and with customers.

LEADERS AREN’T SPENDING ENOUGH TIME WITH THEIR TEAM –Time to listen, to really hear the challenges the team is facing and to identify what support the team needs.

Maybe you are seeing these challenges too?

Over the coming weeks we will offer a series of tips to help you to lead through these uncertain times.

We’d also love to hear your experiences – we can all learn from each other.

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