Are you taking time to STOP?

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Are you taking time to STOP?

Well if you aren’t…. we think you should!

Maybe you feel you don’t have the time to STOP to meet with your team?

Here is a conversation Tracy had with our coach Elise Finn on this very topic.

As we are in the fourth month of the impact of Covid we are both seeing leaders with challenges. The pressure is on to get stuff done and get the team producing results.  

Our clients are telling us that with this pressure comes ‘busyness’ and everything feels like we are running at pace.  I am seeing tired leaders and tired teams. I’m also seeing teams who aren’t talking enough with each other. And the impact of this is stress levels are rising and results are suffering. 

Pushing through and being reactive is not always the most sustainable way to get through this time and reach results.

We think the best thing you can do is STOP. Get your team together, pause, catch your breath, REFLECT, ANALYSE where things are at and make PLANS to keep going.  

What are you doing to help yourself and your team through these challenging times?   

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