Are you winning as a leader?

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Are you winning as a leader?

  • Are you a leader of a team?
  • Do you have key targets and projects to execute?
  • Are you seeing some signs and behaviours that are concerning you?
  • Like some ideas?

As change specialists we see this all the time. It’s actually a normal part of team progression.

At this time of year, teams start to feel pressure and things start to go off track. All is not lost! There are ways to tackle this head on and we can help you. That’s the work we do here at SeeChange Consulting. We’ve been helping people change for 18 years.

When the pressure is on, things get hectic. Team members start to get overwhelmed. They work long hours to get things done, they skip meetings, communication breaks down, confusion and conflict gets worse, re-work happens and time is wasted. Relationships start to fracture and this can be very hard to repair.

The impact of all of this is damaging. For individuals it can be personal stress, poor performance and damage to relationships. No leader wants that for their people. As a team, this can mean missing deadlines, poor performance, loss of reputation with other business units and most importantly your customers. And no leader wants that either.

My advice would be to STOP.

Take the time as a team to reflect, diagnose issues and create new plans and actions. Now I’m not suggesting there is a silver bullet to fix your issues.

But you need to start NOW.

From years of experience guiding and watching teams do this, I know it is time well spent.

The action learning cycle is one of our favourite tools at SeeChange to create change. Check out the questions below. They can help you structure your ‘Team Time Out‘.

Like any sporting team, you can’t keep playing with no time out, no half time, no review of strategy, no realignment and expect to win the game.

If you’d like to know more about how to run effective action learning with your team, please email me. I am happy to show you how to get your team back on track to kick those goals and win the game! You never know. You might even get the major goal – and win the premiership.