Are your team ‘on board’ with your change projects?

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Are your team ‘on board’ with your change projects?

Are you a leader introducing change? What’s the one thing you can do to help your people ‘get on board’ with the change? Take the time to listen.

Really listen.

Once your team are aware of the change and understand why the change is happening, spend time with each of them individually. Listen for what they are saying about the change. Listen to what they don’t say. And once you have conversed and listened, ask the question: ‘Are you on board with this change?’

Depending on whether you get a yes or a no answer, the next questions is the same: ‘Why is that?’ Avoid the temptation to continually talk about the change and tell your team how it will be good for them.

For each individual, change happens best and lasts longest when it has been a choice and not forced. Effective change leadership is all about helping your team members to decide to make the choice ‘to get on board’ with the change.

Don’t assume you don’t have any influence over the choices your team makes – You do! Definitely.

If they aren’t on board, you need to keep listening to determine what support they need to reduce the resistance. And the best part about listening to your team? It indicates you care what they think and how they feel. That goes a long way in complex, changing times.

If you’d like to discuss your change projects and how to build awareness with our teams, we would love to hear from you