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Brand New SeeChange Program – Navigating the New Normal

We are excited to share our news with you.

  • Are you leader keen to move forward post Covid?
  • Are you noticing your team needs some focus and motivation to get back into the swing of things in a productive way?

Not sure where to start?   

Well…we’ve got something to help you.

We are excited to tell you more about what’s new at SeeChange.

It’s our Navigating the New Normal Program or as we refer to it – our Triple N program .

We have been listening to the challenges that our clients are facing we come out the other side of the Covid experience such as:

  1. How do we get productive again?
  2. How can we harness the opportunities that Covid has revealed?
  3. Should we avoid jumping into action?

We’re hearing leaders are eager to get moving, to get productive again, but they don’t want to miss the opportunity for positive change that Covid has revealed.

Do you have these challenges too?

Tracy has been doing a series of videos over the last 2 weeks on LinkedIn about these challenges that leaders are facing. 

Here is the link to those short videos on our YouTube Channel.  There is lots of good ideas and value in these videos that you can use right now!

The Triple N program has been designed to help you tackle those challenges head on!

So how does it work?

  • The program will be delivered virtually or in person to you and your team. Geography is no barrier!
  • There are a number of sessions and we can space these out depending on your needs
  • The program will follow an Action Learning Cycle framework to guide the process of reflecting, identifying lessons learnt and generating plans for action.

Triple N will help you move your team through the frustration and exhaustion of this time of Covid and harness the opportunities for your New Normal.

It’s all about emerging stronger, aligning the team to embrace the future. And that’s exciting!

Like to hear more? 

Send us an email to

We’d love to share with you how together we can Navigate your New Normal

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