Busyness – The growing epidemic in business

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Busyness – The growing epidemic in business

Busyness. We think it’s an epidemic that is getting worse. In our travels, working with clients, we notice how busy leaders are and we are also noticing the impact this is having on them and their team.

And we don’t think busyness can always be equated to success. There seems to be a perception if we put more in our day, ask more of our people, regardless of how feasible that is, then the business will achieve more.

In our opinion, there is a fine line between pushing ourselves as Leaders and our team to step outside our comfort zones to achieve and being so busy and potentially unproductive.

We need challenges and pressure. No argument there. However, challenges and being stretched can go too far. As leaders, what we need to notice is the difference between rising to that challenge and being way too busy and hence unproductive.

We see firsthand the impact of pushing too far and busyness. When we visit work places, it is not unusual to witness lack of productivity, stress, poor decisions, lack of follow through on commitments, exhaustion, conflict, lack of motivation and general poor performance.

As a leader it is our job to spot these issues occurring with our team, not to be the person who creates them. There is a link between leading change, busyness and productivity.

When leading change, life gets busy. No doubt about that.

However, there are 3 words that start with C that can help you to lead change and reduce resistance in your team, which you can see in the image below.

Often when we share the above statement with leaders, the response is:

“I’m too busy to talk with all of my people one on one about this change. I’ve got lots going on.”

Our question in return is:

“I respect you are busy. Can I ask where are you spending your time?’ And secondly ‘What is more important than spending time with your people?”

How are your busyness levels? Are you too busy to lead change and spend time with your team?