Covid-19 rocked our reality

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Covid-19 rocked our reality

In March suddenly ‘all bets were off’ and normal life got cancelled. We’ve been in shock, denial, anger and these range of emotions can be linked to the unchosen change cycle.

And now we see light at the end of the Covid tunnel. So, we’re all ready to ‘get back to normal’ right?

Or are we?

I’m not so sure we should all just ‘rush back’ – I think it’s time to pause.

Should we consider what does the fall out of this crisis mean for us? As individuals and as leaders of a business?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working with some of our clients on solving the challenges they see as they head back to some sort of normality.

Three distinct challenges have emerged and we thought we would share them in case you’re struggling with them too.

I think we would benefit thinking about these three significant challenges now to make sure that we move into the post Covid world stronger and more likely to be successful:

Challenge 1 – How do we move forward?

What do we need to do now to navigate the way forward for our teams and business?

Challenge 2 – Explore & harness opportunities

How do we ensure we explore the opportunities and different ways of working that Covid has revealed and make sure we’re acting on them?

 Challenge 3 – Avoid jumping into action

How do we avoid rushing back to old ways or creating our new normal without thinking it through?

Do these challenges resonate with you?

Here is a video of Tracy speaking about these three challenges 

Tracy has been doing a series of videos on LinkedIn. Please connect with her if you are interested in seeing more of her videos and posts.   

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