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Developing a Change Strategy

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

This quote by Benjamin Franklin is very relevant to help you make successful change happen in your business.

Sadly… we don’t see enough planning when it comes to implementing change. Leaders it’s important that you avoid the temptation of diving in too quick and just starting with your change project.

Developing a change strategy provides direction and clarity. By taking the time to plan, it will help you think through what you are trying to achieve, identify where things might go wrong and therefore how to navigate your change for a successful outcome.

Here are some key elements to consider for your Change Strategy:

  • Project Scope – Project description, objectives, time frames
  • Define the change – What is the change, why are we changing, how will we measure the success?
  • Who does the change impact?
  • Where are the risks with this change?
  • Where are the potential roadblocks?
  • Who will lead this change and their role?

A good change strategy really considers the change initiative from a people lens. It’s important to remember ‘Organisations don’t change… people do!’ Attempting change without a strategy is dangerous. Without a strategy, you will fail to achieve business results and you will hurt people in the process.

What else would you include in your change management strategy?



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