Do You Avoid Conflict?

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Do You Avoid Conflict?

How about your team? Do they have constructive conflict?

This 12-minute TED Talk, ‘Dare to Disagree’ by Margaret Heffernan, shines a positive light on conflict.

We often see teams that are afraid of conflict…and this can be a reason for the existence of artificial harmony.

They just don’t think they know how to ‘do’ conflict in a constructive way.

Margaret suggests that you view conflict as a way to solve problems and be innovative – together.

Another take away from Margaret was about creating an environment where people feel free to THINK and not be afraid to SHARE what we think with others.

Because when we don’t ‘think’ together… we fail to get the best out of each of our team.

It’s all the about the SAFE environment we create as leaders, to facilitate this to happen.

Another key point from Margaret was about embracing the ability to change our minds when we listen to what others think.

It’s not about competing for who has the best idea. It’s about working together to reach a shared outcome for the good of the project or in making an effective decision.

Do you dare to disagree?


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