Do you give presentations in your work?

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Do you give presentations in your work?

This article has some great tips on how to have impact and capture your audience. Whether it be presenting in person or virtually – the same message applies.

From years of experience in speaking publicly with work teams experiencing change, at conferences and even giving eulogies, there are some techniques I use and telling stories is one of them.

‘I know a good story’ is a great way to set the scene, explore your key point, add a practical bent to your topic and to connect with your audience. And that is the key! Connection to your audience. Get the connection early and you increase the chances of them engaging with the rest of your message.

Stories that I share are short, relevant to the topic being discussed (random stories with a minor link to the topic just fall flat!), they are often personal to me and my experiences and I find adding a bit of humour always works well. I love a good story and listening to others share them. I’d say your audience does too!

Got a presentation to share soon. Take some time think of a story that connects with your topic and key message. It might make all the difference and it will give you confidence as you deliver your presentation.

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