Do you have a bad apple in your team?

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Do you have a bad apple in your team?

As a leader, do you have a ‘Bad Apple’ in your team? For me, a ‘Bad Apple’ is a team member whose behaviour is impacting negatively on your other team members. Their behaviour hinders the team’s ability to have synergy and perform together and enjoy what they do.

Recently I have been sharing posts asking the question ‘Does your team trust you?’

I highly recommend you listen to this podcast by Patrick Lencioni.

Link to podcast

When I tuned in, it encouraged me to think about how dealing with a ‘Bad Apple’ will help your team and their performance. And ultimately, I think will help your team to have faith and trust you as their leader. It’s not easy to do but worth it in the end for all involved. Also remember, a bad apple can spread and create other bad apples.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Has removing a ‘Bad Apple’ helped increase your team’s performance?

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