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Do you listen to podcasts?

Podcasts have become one of the ways Maria and Tracy stay in touch with some of best leaders who talk about change, communication, leadership, productivity, and life in general.

This is one of our favourites – Coaching by Leaders by Dave Stachowiak.

Dave interviews a variety of people from James Clear, who is a world renown author, about developing habits for creating change; Lis Wiseman, another favourite researcher and author about leadership; and our own Aussie Oscar Trimboli, who gives fabulous insights into the world of being a positive listener and the powerful impact this can have on our lives.

Dave asks great questions, and he has a wealth of experience in his 562 episodes!

We strongly encourage you tune into Dave.  Even if you aren’t a regular podcast listener, just search Dave using this image on podcast suppliers such as Apple and Spotify.

Give it go and see what you think!

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