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Are you on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great business tool. The obvious benefit is connecting with people and building our network. For example, if I am looking for a contact in a particular company, I go to my current contacts to see if there is someone who can introduce me. There isn’t much point collecting lots of connections if you don’t utilise them!

But there so many are other great benefits of LinkedIn. Here are three ways we find LinkedIn useful.

Following key people

The first is following certain people to hear what they have to say and the posts they share. You actually don’t have to request to connect with them. This is a better option if you don’ t know the person as some people won’t accept a ‘connect’ request from people they don’t know and trust.

To follow, once you find their profile in the search option, go to the top right of their profile under the photos. Select the ‘More’ button (which happens to be next to the Blue ‘Connect’ button) and select ‘Follow.’ You will then see their posts. However, the person you choose to ‘follow’ will not see your posts, unless of course they ‘follow’ you back.

Professional development and reading

We use LinkedIn to follow certain topics we are interested in. For example, if we want to see posts that others share about a topic such as leadership, we simply go to the search area and use a hashtag (#leadership) and that word and hashtag will appear. You select the blue button to ‘Follow.’ Whenever anyone posts and adds the #leadership (you don’t have to be connected or follow them), their post/article will appear in your feed. This is an excellent way to find great articles to read, the latest thinking on a topic, what’s ‘trending’ and to generally stretch your thinking. When you share posts use #hashtags and you may gain some more followers!

Your personal brand

LinkedIn is a very popular place for recruiters and potential employers to ‘check you out.’ Keep your profile and work history current. But it’s more powerful than a resume because your activity of posts and articles are stored on your profile so others can get a feel for your thinking, your style and what’s important to you. Make sure you add a professional profile picture.

So, we encourage you to get active with this professional tool to help you learn, grow, connect with people and to develop your personal brand.

We invite you to jump on LinkedIn and connect with or follow us. We post several times a week. We share our insights, articles on relevant topics such as change, teams and leadership, videos we make, and we share great articles and posts from the people we follow and are connected to.

Here are links to our profiles:   Tracy    |  Maria