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Are you active on LinkedIn? Do you follow Tracy and Maria on LinkedIn?

We find LinkedIn a wonderful resource for professional development. We follow a range of interesting and diverse people from all over the world and some very high profile authors, business leaders and speakers who share great stuff!

We are always learning ourselves and we share those learnings, experiences and insights with our followers through our posts about 3 times a week. We also share our original content and ideas.

Our posts include videos, our thoughts on particular topics in the form of articles, articles we come across from other authors. We also follow industry groups which is a great way to stay in touch with current issues and topics.

We keep our posts practical, story based, thought provoking and with tips that are easy to apply.

In the coming weeks Tracy will be sharing a video series entitle ‘Dealing with the UnChosen Change of COVID – 19.

And of course, apart form the professional learning, LinkedIn is a great way to extend your network and connect with people. A very positive thing to do in this time of self-isolation and when many are working from home.

So we encourage you to jump on LinkedIn and invite us to connect with you! We’d love to stay in touch and pass on regular support to you through our posts.

Here are the links to our profiles so you can connect with us:

Tracy Cooper

Maria Nolan

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