Four things great bosses say to new employees

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Four things great bosses say to new employees

As a leader or manager, how much time do you spend with your new recruits?

You’ve been through the recruitment process but your job does not stop there!

So many times I have seen the onboarding process be less than adequate for new team members. As their leader, it is your job (not HR!) to help your new team member ‘hit the ground running.’

Don’t be too busy. This is such an important part of your role as the leader. Spend one on one time with them to help them really understand their role, the business and your expectations of them. One of my favourite areas is explaining why their job matters and the impact this job has on others. Making these connections with a new employee can have such an impact right from the beginning of their employment.

This and three other powerful tips are covered in this excellent short article.

Providing the environment for your team members to shine and reach their potential is the responsibility of you as the leader.

Get it right from the start and you can sit back and let your team do their job and ‘hit their straps.’

Get it wrong and you could find yourselves always ‘fighting fires.’