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Get your meeting planning right!

Effective meetings are one of the greatest challenges we see and hear about when leaders and teams are working through change in their organisation.

Tracy recently did a series of tips on LinkedIn about how to improve meetings.

This short video is Tip 1:  Get your planning right

Before diving into calendars and sending meeting notices, how about slowing down and a getting meeting plan?

Here are the 5 key areas we use here at SeeChange to plan meetings:

  • Purpose – WHY are you having meeting?
  • Outcomes – What do you want to achieve?
  • Agenda – What agenda topics will help you achieve the Purpose and Outcomes?
  • Tools & processes – How can you be creative and engaging in running your agenda items?
  • Attendance – Who should you invite to the meeting? What skills, experience knowledge will help you achieve your Purpose and Outcomes?

Like many parts of life, planning will give you a solid foundation for success. We don’t believe you can just wing it and reach truly successful outcomes from your meetings.

How about trying these 5 areas in developing your meeting plan?

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