Got these signs of poor change legacy?

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Got these signs of poor change legacy?

How change has been implemented in your business in the past will create a legacy. Whether it was a good experience of change or a not so good experience, the memories from the past create your change legacy.

And why does this matter?

It REALLY matters!

The memories and emotion of past change experiences – how it was introduced, lead and implemented – has a huge impact on how your teams view change in the future. And if the experience has been poor, it will be a roadblock for your next change project.

So…what can you do?

Take the time understand where your team are at with change. When talking about change and your next project with your team, here are some indicators of poor change legacy:

  • Emotion – fear, anger, anxiety, frustration
  • Avoidance – ignoring the change, workarounds, abdicating responsibilities, making excuses
  • Negativity – complaining, focus on problems, celebrating failure
  • Disengagement – silence, ignoring communications, indifference, apathy

If you have poor change legacy, ‘ploughing on’ and ignoring it will contribute to your next change project failing. Take the time to explore your change legacy. It will pay off!

Have you seen these signs?

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