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Have you watched Ted Lasso?

This Apple TV series is full of leadership lessons and how to make change happen. Ted Lasso is an American NFL Coach who is recruited to coach an English Football Team – a game he knows nothing about!

What we like about Ted as a leader is that isn’t frightened by the massive challenge ahead of him. He uses ‘out of the box thinking’ to make connections between team members and he invites others to share their ideas to create their game strategy – he is a great listener! And he really cares about people.

He also proves you don’t have to be the best technician as the leader – he brings out the best in each individual and helps them reach their potential and when all put together, the team succeeds.

One of his wonderful quotes (he has many!):

 ‘Success for this team is all about them BELIEVING in themselves’

Ted is also vulnerable and shares his own feelings with others.  When watching, I find myself laughing out loud, I shed a tear and he gets me thinking.  Very uplifting!

If you are looking to see what powerful leadership looks like in times of challenge and change, we think you’ll enjoy Ted Lasso. And you’ll have a good laugh too

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