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Hit your 3 second delay button!

That’s one thing YOU can control in meetings this week. This is a little tool we use here at SeeChange to slow us down in our conversations and meetings.

Your 3 second delay button sits on your forehead between your eyes…We made that up!

It’s a little fun reminder to help us individually pause, listen and really try to hear what the other person is saying. As opposed to thinking about what I’m going to say next and even butting into the conversation. Yes….we can be guilty of that at times!

When we hit our 3 second delay button in meetings, it slows the conversation down, reduces us competing for the best idea and encourages us to build on ideas together. We often hear people saying they wish their meetings could be more interactive and positive. Well…it can start with you! Give the 3 second delay button a go!

Sometimes we’ve had to hit ours for about 23 seconds 😉

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