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Hope is not a Strategy

Have you chosen some changes as a result of Covid?

Have you talked through these changes with your team?

Over the last 4 months, we’ve been talking with a lot of different people. We’ve been doing a lot of listening too.

What we’ve heard is quite a lot of these two phrases:

  • I hope we’ve learnt our lessons.  
  • I hope we don’t go back to old ways.

You know what?

HOPE is not a strategy!

Hoping that your team miraculously work out what you have collectively learnt through Covid and hoping that change will be created is not a wise strategy. It’s not going to happen by chance.

Now is the time to get the team together to decide what changes you will make.  Don’t assume everyone is on the same page about moving forward with your chosen changes.

Ready to take action?

At SeeChange we have a new program called Navigating the New Normal – it brings together all the lessons, expertise and tools we’ve learnt over 19 years of helping our clients successfully navigate change. 

Like to hear more about how you avoid using hope as strategy?  Send Tracy an email tracy@seechangeconsulting.com.au

Here is video of Tracy talking about how ‘Hope is not a strategy’


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