How do you know if your business needs to change?

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How do you know if your business needs to change?

Late last year Tracy was invited to deliver a webinar for the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology entitled ‘The 5 indicators your business needs to change & tips on how to make that change happen.’

As change specialists, we help business leaders determine WHAT needs to change in their business and then HOW to make that change happen.

Here were the 5 Indicators Tracy shared:

  1. Conflict – conflict across teams has a huge impact on our peoples’ performance and their mental health
  2. Customer complaints /recalls – this indicates something is wrong! Teams aren’t engaged or don’t understand the goal
  3. Rework – going over and over issues and decisions and failing to progress and meet deadlines
  4. Lack of strategic focus – constantly being reactive and ‘putting out fires’
  5. Repetitive mistakes – team members not learning from mistakes, identifying the root cause or continuously improving

Do you see any of these indicators in your business and are you doing anything about them?

Tracy also shared some tips on HOW to make change happen in your business.

If you’d like to have a chat about your business and what you think needs to change, Tracy would be more than happy to help you think it through.  Give her a call on 07 3092 1002

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