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How Life Takes a Full Circle

Recently, Tracy had a realisation.

Tracy and Maria have commenced a new leadership program for aspiring leaders within what was then the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) (now the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF)).

We love developing and delivering leadership programs, but the launch of this program is extra special.

This is the organisation where Tracy got her first ‘real job’ as a young Agricultural Science graduate.

She worked in all parts of Queensland in extension, advisory and facilitation roles with the wonderful people who live and work in our rural and remote communities.

It was then that she realised it wasn’t so much the science of animals that was her passion… it was the science of people!

Maria then joined Tracy at the then DPI to deliver the highly successful Building Rural Leaders Program for 4 years. We then left the department over 21 years ago to launch SeeChange Consulting.

And this month we have returned to deliver this leadership program to this motivated bunch of learners!

We feel reflective and even a bit emotional.

Tracy would never have thought, as a young Ag graduate, that this was the path she would take.

Her realisation is…

‘The dreams of how we will spend our life aren’t always there in the early days of our career. Those dreams evolve as we LEARN, as we GROW and as we CHANGE.’

It feels good to give back to the organisation that helped shape who we are today.


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