How to create awareness in changing times

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How to create awareness in changing times

Are you a leader introducing change? What’s the one thing you can do in the early stages of the change to help your team? Have one-on-one conversations with each of the individuals in your team.

Focus on conversing and using ‘open ended questions.’ In that interaction, firstly share and explore why you are changing, why now, what’s the impact if the business doesn’t change. Then, really encourage your team member to converse with you. Asking open ended questions is an excellent way to talk through the change and for you to be able to check their understanding.

Ask questions such as ‘Where do you see there are benefits in this change?’ and ‘What hurdles do you see with this change?’ I would have these conversations often – don’t make it just a one off.

By consulting your team and gaining answers to these and other open questions, this will help you focus on things you may not have considered in your initial communication messages. It will also help you spot any resistance to the change – which by the way, you need to deal with asap to support your team!

If you’d like to discuss your change projects and how to build awareness with our teams, we would love to hear from you