How to run your 1:1 meetings

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How to run your 1:1 meetings

As a leader, what questions do you ask in One on One meetings?

For us, the purpose of these meetings is to support your team member. It’s about celebrating wins, facilitating their problem solving and helping them develop the next steps.

Here’s a tip:     Ask quality questions in your One on Ones  

It’s actually not about you as the leader! It’s about them. It’s about finding out where they are at and ‘what’s the state of play’ with their work. With this purpose in mind, you will gain insights into how they are progressing and how you can help them. However…the key to gaining these insights, is the quality of the questions you ask.

Here are 3 questions we would ask:

  1. How are you feeling? Really feeling?
  2. How have you been winning?
  3. What do you need help with?

As their leader, it’s about you listening and hearing what they are saying and just as importantly…. what they aren’t saying. It’s all about supporting your team member, but you’ll also gain strategic information that will help you in your role as their leader.

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