Is your Team communication struggling?

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Is your Team communication struggling?

As a leader, are you keeping the wheels of communication turning with your team?

We have 6 months of change and challenge behind us with Covid and we have more challenges and uncertainty ahead of us.

One of the challenges that has emerged for several of our clients is that their Team communication is struggling.

Due to some or all team member working remotely, the communication rhythm has changed. Communication isn’t as regular or spontaneous such as those casual ‘water cooler’ conversations or seeking help from others as needed. 

Actually, we are even seeing this challenge with teams who are physically back working together, even though they see each other daily. The ‘busyness’ of the week gets in the road of good connection and sharing of information between team members and this results in team members feeling overloaded and even a feeling of being isolated.

Maybe you are experiencing this too?

A simple, effective and effective way to staying connected and regularly ‘check in’ with each other is a Daily Huddle.

The purpose is to share information. It’s not about problem solving or debating issues!

Each team offers answers to the following:

  1. How are you feeling?
  2. What is your good news?
  3. What did you achieve yesterday?
  4. What is your number one priority today?
  5. What roadblocks/challenges do you have?

Keep it short and sweet – about 45 seconds sharing for each team member

It’s all about regularly staying connected and to continue to nurture your relationships which impacts team performance.

Here is short video by Tracy speaking about the challenge and the way to run a Daily Huddle

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