Is your team in a hole?

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Is your team in a hole?

You know you are in a hole when your team is missing deadlines, the same mistakes keep happening, relationships are fracturing. As the leader you may feel ‘there is no way out of this hole.’

Knowing how to get out of the hole is often a big challenge in itself.

We are currently working with a team who took the first important step. The leader admitted they needed help. They are in a big, big hole. Whilst the leader felt she knew what some of the issues were, she wasn’t sure if her observations were correct and she wasn’t sure how to solve this major challenge to help her team.

As experienced change consultants we know what to do.

To fix the situation, we first needed to determine why the issues are happening and we involved all the team in this process. Through spending time with and interviewing individual team members and then a few weeks later facilitating a one day workshop, we have helped the team diagnose why they are having the problems they are. Just by doing this I can see the relief in the leader.

‘Working in silos’ and the ‘us and them’ behaviours came out as the top two problems. This has resulted in very low trust between team members which is making it almost impossible for collective problem solving.

And as a result of all this dysfunction, the customer is suffering.

The best thing this team did was….. stop.

As the quote above suggests, and with our help, the team stopped ‘digging’ and they have worked out why they are in the hole in the first place. They talked about it. Through this diagnosis, we are now developing a plan of attack to create positive change for the team. It will take time and commitment, but I am confident it will happen because the leader is 100% behind creating change.

Can you relate to our client story?

If so, my suggestion would be to stop. Just stop. Stop doing, stop taking action, stop ignoring issues, stop being busy. Stop ‘digging.’ If you don’t stop ‘digging’, you may find the hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper. And then you and your team may never get out of the hole you are in.

I am happy to show you how together we can diagnose the specific issues for your team. Send me a message or email me.  I would love to help you. That’s what we do here at SeeChange Consulting.

Every team has their challenges. The best thing you can do as the leader to help your team, is to admit you have issues and that you need help to fix it. By being vulnerable, and asking for help, you are a true leader in my eyes.