It’s about CHOICE not force

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It’s about CHOICE not force

Maria first said this a number of years ago. She now says it often and last week it really resonated with the change leaders we were working with. Maria’s words of wisdom are spot on!

The approach you choose to take as the leader will make all the difference right from the start.

When we force and ‘tell’ others to change, it makes things tense, increases stress and reduces trust in you as the leader. It will also increase resistance. Just because we are the leader and we ‘say so’ it does not necessarily mean others will listen and follow.

To help your team choose the change, have conversations, ask for input, listen, hear the resistance and co-create the way forward together. This approach invests in people, so over time they DECIDE themselves to join you on the change journey.

Leading change takes a commitment in time and energy. It’s how you choose to spend that time and energy that will make all the difference for everyone!


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