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Keep Stop Start

Whilst working with one of our clients recently we could see the challenges they are facing.

As the leader, they explained there is lots to do, they need to get results and they are focussed on getting their team productive again. 

Added to that, they are focussed on HOW they create some form of new normal based on the lessons learnt from the last four months and/or restrictions that are still in place.

Maybe you feel the same?

This leader and their team are feeling tired and overwhelmed. We could see the concern when this client said ‘The pressure in on, but I really think the pressure valve needs releasing.’

So we suggested they STOP.  

Take the time to stop and talk with their team and to work through things together.

Here are 3 simple questions you can use to put some structure into your team gathering:

  1. What should we keep doing? (as it’s working)
  2. What should we stop doing? (as we’ve learnt it’s not working)
  3. What should we start doing? (new ideas to try)

Sometimes we think we don’t have time to STOP, but we firmly believe stopping can be the best thing you can do.  It doesn’t have to be for long, but we would do it regularly.

What do you think about stopping?


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