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Morning thinking time

Tracy often sits out on her front deck at the start of her day with a coffee thinking through projects that we are working on. As many of you know we are huge fans of the 4 stages of the Action Learning Cycle to get to ‘stuff’ out our heads and onto paper to make sense of it all 🙄

There are always some ‘gems of gold’ to take to our next project. It’s all about learning from doing. And it doesn’t have to take long… the time it takes to have a coffee. Or maybe two 😉

Here are the questions on the Action Learning Card:


  • Take an action
  • Carry our plans


  • What happened?
  • How do you feel?
  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go well?


  • Why did we have success?
  • Why didn’t it go so well?
  • What can I learn or confirm form this experience?


  • What do we need to do now?
  • How will we do that – what are the steps?

Action learning is a rewarding experience and it can save us so much time and energy when we learn from our experiences.

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