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Our new SeeChange Program

Are you embarking on a change within your organisation in the coming months?

Are you looking to explore the change and how this will become a project that will make a difference for your organisation?

To support this change project, are you looking to ensure you have alignment between your senior leaders?

Well…. our Discovery Program is for you!

Before you swing into action with ‘the change,’ our Discovery Program will help you explore whether you are ‘all on the same page’ about the change and if you have the unity you need as a team to make this change happen.

It’s a short program consisting of a one on one interview with each team member and then two separate workshop days. In the first workshop, we explore the change – what is it, why are we changing, the teams impacted and the measure of success. In our experience, this foundation workshop really clarifies and shapes the change project.

In the second workshop, and by utilising the data generated at the interviews, we explore the health of the team. A functioning, healthy team is vital as they will be the drivers of the change in your organisation.

We often notice that leaders can tend to dive into their change projects, yet they haven’t got some key areas aligned. This Discovery Program will help you to slow down, have the conversations that need to be had and to build relationships.

This will give you a strong foundation that will see your change be successful in the long run.

For a small investment in time and resources, it can definitely be a game changer.


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