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People don’t like change

Do you agree?

It’s a statement we hear often. Yes… some changes are horrible and hard and the impact in these circumstances is tough.

However, we don’t think it’s always the case in businesses. We believe it’s HOW change has been done that can be the problem.

Over the last few weeks, Tracy shared several posts on LinkedIn about poor change legacy which is a result of HOW change was done poorly in the past.

This is her final video where she wrapped up the series with these summary points about change legacy:

  1. Project Fail – Poor change legacy can contribute to your next change project failing and that costs time, money and it hurts your people
  2. Listen Leaders -You need to listen and understand why the legacy exists in the first place
  3. Change what you are doing – Leaders to develop a positive change legacy, you need to change your behaviour from the past
  4. Time and commitment – There’s no silver bullet. It will take time, genuine commitment and teamwork

The benefits to applying some of these points now, is that it will make things easier for your next change. You will see the change legacy shift and start to improve.

It’s worth the effort!

If you’d like to see the full series of 7 posts by Tracy, please connect with her on LinkedIn to see lots of valuable content on this topic of Change Legacy.

People don’t like change video

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