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Plant the Friggin’ Tree

‘We’ll have to wait and see what happens ….’

We are hearing this a LOT these days – and it’s understandable, we’re living in a world that seems to be constantly changing, we need to adapt that, so shouldn’t we just wait and see? And we’re tired from the all the change and challenge Covid has brought.

Are you seeing your team is exhausted and unable to move forward? We’ve been working with our clients to help them combat the fatigue they are experiencing in teams right now.

And here’s a simple tip to help with fatigue.  TAKE ACTION

But isn’t it better to wait?


There is power in taking action:

  • It frees us from the victim role
  • It gives us purpose
  • It reminds us that there are some things still in our control
  • It gets us unstuck
  • It creates momentum

There will be rewards for those who dive in and take action.  And if you don’t take action… you could be waiting for a long time for certainty.

We love this podcast episode from Patrick Lencioni Plant the Friggin’ Tree as it shows us why and how we can move forward today to get the important things done in our world. Of course, you need to think things through and get a good plan…. but consider not being too hesitant in taking action.  Create you own circle of influence!

It will take you 20 minutes and if you are like us – it will inspire you!



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