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Podcast – Leading with confidence

This is a great podcast from Michael Hyatt. It was thought provoking with 3 great questions to help you lead in uncertain times.

  1. What will you keep doing that you started through the crisis?

For us here at SeeChange, we will continue to deliver work virtually, mixing it in with Face to Face delivery. We have learnt how to make it work thanks to Covid!

  1. What will you not restart or reduce?

In relation to working virtually or in person, Michael spoke about if you can get 80% of the experience virtually without having to travel, is the 20% extra worth the extra investment in travel costs and energy? An excellent point to consider.

  1. What does this new reality make possible?

We love his thinking around taking the time to think about what is possible now. Problems are just opportunities in disguise. We can’t drift into the opportunities, we need to design it.

Need some help thinking things through?

Our Navigating the New Normal program brings together all the lessons, expertise and tools we’ve learnt over 19 years of helping our clients successfully navigate change. DM me if you’d like to hear more.

Here is the link to the podcast


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