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‘Poor Communication is a problem in our team’

That’s a common problem we hear often when working with teams.

And the impact is connected to the team not achieving results.

But what does it mean?!

For us…poor communication can encompass a number of different issues.

It could mean:

• People don’t know what’s going on around here
• There is confusion about what is happening when
• We aren’t talking as a team – we don’t get together enough
• We are not open and honest with each other – we are holding back

Our tip…don’t keep ‘dancing the dance’.

Take a PAUSE.

Create the environment for your team to come together to talk and COMMUNICATE about communication!

Here are some questions to help you have the conversation:

• What’s going well with our communication?
• What’s not going well?
• WHY do we have problems with our communication?

Before ‘shooting from the hip’ and putting band aid solutions on your communication challenges…analyse and diagnose your problem.

And THEN come up with a plan to fix it!

What does poor communication look like to you?

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