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PROJECT: Strategic Thinking

CLIENT: BEC Feed Solutions



Animal nutrition business, BEC Feed Solutions, was heading in assorted strategic directions. The business had multiple groups operating independently of one another and the executive management team were struggling to build the trust and confidence needed to drive the business forward.

Managing Director, Brett Antonio, knew the company had a lot of potential but was reluctant to be the ‘hero manager’ and drag his management team along with him. He realised he needed to look outside the company for independent facilitators who could align the strategic plan with the executive management team. Knowing SeeChange’s reputation in the industry, the two partnered together and embarked on a strategic planning journey.


Over the course of eight months, SeeChange worked closely with BEC Feed Solutions to define the company values and align them more clearly with its business direction. The first step was to establish the company purpose and to get to the core of what motivated team members, their expectations of the business, of one another, and the key deliverables for their customers and shareholders. Making team members responsible for delivering on goals and objectives was an important part of the strategy to make individuals accountable.


Through a series of six workshop sessions, SeeChange sharpened the executive management team’s focus on the business drivers. The process gave them the confidence to focus on the business’ key strategic projects which would give the business the best possible return on investment, as well as enabling them to begin to execute a five-year plan with a clear set of deliverables whose progress could be communicated to the board and stakeholders on a regular basis.

Brett cites working more cohesively as one team now, with buy-in from every level within the business as being the biggest tangible benefit of working with SeeChange. Productivity has also increased, alongside more collaborative executive team meetings where they get things done because of the trusted relationships they have developed amongst one another over time.